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umitGUI::ScanNotebook::PageStatus Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Pages status:
The page status can be one of the following:
   * saved: there is nothing to be saved in the current scan tab
   * unsaved_unchanged: for recently scanned results that were parsed and 
                        is unchanged.
   * unsaved_changed: for recently scanned results that were parsed and 
                      got some changes on its contents (like a comment)
   * loaded_unchanged: for scan results that were loaded from a file and 
                       got no modifications
   * loaded_changed: for scan results that were loaded from a file and 
                     got some modifications (like comments)
   * parsing_result: the result is been parsed to be displayed at the tab
   * scanning: there is no parsed result related to this tab, but there 
               is a related scan running to show results on that tab
   * empty: there is nothing related to this tab. His widgets are 
            disabled and this is the initial state of a new tab
   * unknown: the page status is unknown
   * scan_failed: the scan has failed
   * search_loaded: the scan was loaded from a search result

Definition at line 52 of file ScanNotebook.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def get_empty
def get_loaded_changed
def get_loaded_unchanged
def get_parsing_result
def get_saved
def get_scan_failed
def get_scanning
def get_search_loaded
def get_status
def get_unknown
def get_unsaved_changed
def get_unsaved_unchanged
def set_empty
def set_loaded_changed
def set_loaded_unchanged
def set_parsing_result
def set_saved
def set_scan_failed
def set_scanning
def set_search_loaded
def set_status
def set_unknown
def set_unsaved_changed
def set_unsaved_unchanged

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list available_status
tuple empty = property(get_empty)
tuple loaded_changed = property(get_loaded_changed)
tuple loaded_unchanged = property(get_loaded_unchanged)
tuple parsing_result = property(get_parsing_result)
tuple saved = property(get_saved)
tuple scan_failed = property(get_scan_failed)
tuple scanning = property(get_scanning)
tuple search_loaded = property(get_search_loaded)
tuple status = property(get_status, set_status)
tuple unknown = property(get_unknown)
tuple unsaved_changed = property(get_unsaved_changed)
tuple unsaved_unchanged = property(get_unsaved_unchanged)

Private Member Functions

def _verify_status

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string _status = "unknown"

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