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def higwidgets::higspinner::HIGSpinnerCache::load_animated_from_lookup (   self,
  icon_name = None 

Loads an animated icon by doing a lookup on the icon theme.

Definition at line 138 of file higspinner.py.

00138                                                        :
        """Loads an animated icon by doing a lookup on the icon theme."""

        # If user do not choose a icon_name, use the default one
        if icon_name == None:
            icon_name = self.default_animated_icon_name

        # Even the default one (now on icon_name) might not be available
        if icon_name == None:
            raise AnimatedIconNotFound

        # Try to lookup the icon 
        icon_info = self.icon_theme.lookup_icon(icon_name, -1, 0)
        # Even if icon_name exists, it might not be found by lookup
        if icon_info == None:
            raise AnimatedIconNotFound

        # Base size is, according to PyGTK docs:
        # "a size for the icon that was specified by the icon theme creator,
        #  This may be different than the actual size of image."
        # Ouch! We are acting on blind faith here...
        size = icon_info.get_base_size()

        # NOTE: If the icon is a builtin, it will not have a filename, see:
        # http://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2reference/class-gtkicontheme.html
        # But, we are not using the gtk.ICON_LOOKUP_USE_BUILTIN flag, nor does
        # GTK+ has a builtin animation, so we are safe ;-)
        filename = icon_info.get_filename()

        # Now that we have a filename, call load_animated_from_filename()
        self.load_animated_from_filename(filename, size)

    def load_animated_from_filename(self, filename, size):

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